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7 Things You Need to Check a Car for Before You Hit Road This Monsoon

What’s the first thing that strike your mind when you need to travel to a place but it’s raining? Bike? Bus? Or is it Car? Obviously car. You’re all time travel companion. Be it the sweaty summer or the chilling winter or the drizzling showers, your car gets you to your destination without any inconvenience. But when you enter the monsoon with a car that has got you through the hot summer, you know you need to work and go through a few aspects to ensure its suitability for the monsoon. Have a quick look on these 7 things you need to check before you hit any road in your each this monsoon:

Tires & Brakes

The first thing that is immensely affected by rain is tire. If the tires are not proper and have cuts or stretches it will affect the gripping capacity of the vehicle and in severe case it may lead to overturning of vehicles. Besides tires, check the braking system of your vehicle. Check if it is properly lubricated and in good work condition.

Windshield & Wipers

If you are to drive in heavy rains you need to take proper care of yours wind shield and wipers. Make sure that the wipers are working properly cleansing the windshield to desired accuracy. Besides this check for any cracks in windshield, check the edges for any openings.

Body color

The only thing that lie between your car body and rain water is the body paint. It helps to keep the water away ensuring no corrosion to the metal body and thus a long life. In case the paint has started eroding, make sure you get it cured ASAP.


The only thing that can get you highlighted are you head light. In case they aren’t working properly go check a mechanic. Ensure no water clogging takes place inside the headlights.


You don’t want to end up on road in rain all alone in a messed up car, do you? Check for the loose connections, battery life, battery charging etc.

Seat covers & mats

Even if you try you can’t get rid of the dirt that enters your car with your shoes during monsoon. Nor can you avoid contact of wet clothes and dry seat covers. Replace the seat covers and floor mats with old ones and once you are done with monsoon get your cozy covers back and afresh.

Car freshener

When the rain hits there is a peculiar pungent smell that engulfs the car interior. And even though you try to get rid of it, you just can’t. Open all the doors of your car on a sunny day to help reduce the smell. Or better grab a car freshener gel.

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  1. The monsoon spell brings a series stumbling blocks for the automobile. Water, mugginess, clamminess- are some of the key ingredients of the rainy season. And the fact of the matter is, all these constituents play their roles smartly and take their toll on the electronic trappings and the metalware. Without monsoon car care, it can be difficult for your road companion to service in the steaminess and wetness. Thus, you should inspect the above-mentioned components either on your own or with the help of a deft car specialist in order to make you monsoon riding experience a replayable one.

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