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5 Tips to Make Your Old Car Shine like a Newbie!

Cars are supposed to be the most expensive entity any human possesses after his home. And this is what makes it precious – cars are supposed to be your standard predictor. You won’t find a homeless person driving Audi. Or you won’t have a Tata Nano parked at your door steps when you are making a hundred dollar an hour, would you? But guess what? Your car gets old, just like you! And when you keep on trying to make yourself look younger, why isn’t that you rarely take the extra step for your car appearance?

  1. Make Washing Car a Habit
    Just like your body needs a regular washing, so does your car. You just go on with an unwashed car more than a couple of weeks if you want it to shine like it does when it first hit the road. Use water to drain of the dust and dirt initial. Wash your car regularly. Bird droppings, dead bugs, or limestone dripping from the basement parking will cause damage to the paint if not washed off in time. Swipe it with wet cloth for better results. Regularly clean off the dirt and sand from under the wiper blades


  1. Wax at least twice a year
    Waxing your car gets you with an extra coat to protect your car’s color. You can opt for waxing a couple of times during a year. It not only helps you to avoid rusting of parts exposed to air but also make your car shine bright. Although it is recommended that you opt only for premium quality waxing products.
  1. Make your tires shine
    The road salt during winters can damage your car’s allows in the most lethal manner. The same goes with your tires. Tires are the second most important thing in any vehicle. No tires means no motion. You can use protectants to help preserve your wheels and you can go for sprays to make your tires look blacker and shiner. Apply some tire shine using spray and wipe off the extra with a cloth. That’s all you need to do for your tires.
  1. Did you go for rust proofing?
    When a car runs in coastal areas or areas where the salt use is common in winter months, the underneath of vehicles undergoes severe rusting even at a tender age leading to failure of that part.
    All you need to do to avoid this is go for a rust proofing. Make sure the bottom part of doors and trunk lid are protected properly.
  2. Touch-up paint in car is must!
    Touch-up paint can be a good idea to hide minor scratches and chipping of body paint. If you don’t have a touch-up paint you can find it any online store or any nearby departmental store. Find your car’s color code which is usually indented on manufacturer’s label and buy a paint whose color paint matches with the car’s color code.

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