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How does a Previously Damaged Cars Cost more in Long Run?

Time takes toll on everything that once surfed on its waves. Humans grow wrinkles. Trees develop rings. Mountains undergo weathering. Bridges undergo rusting and machine, machines undergo reduction in their efficiency per unit cost. It’s all just a law of time. You just can’t keep anything in the same state forever. It changes with time.

When we talk about cars, they are just too cool to drive. But they are no exception to the law of time. They grow old just like us and their capabilities get affected with time. A brand new vehicle would definitely be better than the one that’s running on streets for last 7 years. And there is this thing that could happen to a car that would make it worse. A car can have an accident!

And when any car has an accident, it is damaged. For cars, even a tiny bit of dent or erosion of paint could be lethal to its resale values. When any car enters a garage after an accident or of a repair, you could possibly never guess what happens inside, could you?

A previously damaged car could have a million defects which may appear only after the car has been under use for a few time. It may be repainted and the paint may start eroding. It may have severely dented body panels which were replaced but they pop out of the alignment after a few months of use. The car could have replaced spare parts for engine or any another item and it could stop functions after a year it was under use.

There could be a million possibilities that could happen with a previously damaged car you have brought a few months ago. The worst thing about this deal is that you can never claim the seller for any compensation. These damages just get more happening with time. You can’t stop looking at them or noticing them. They start to tease you with time and all that is left with you is repenting for a deal you should have never made.

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