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The Do’s when Your Car has a Breakdown!

This is not the newest thing that you have ever heard of. Even if you have been lucky enough not to have any case of car breakdown in your life, you might have seen people strolling roadside with their vehicles parked. And it might so have happened that you were about to hit them as they too unknown to the basic safety that should be opted when vehicle breaks down on a busy highway.

This blog will talk you through what you should do if you break down to make sure you’re ready should you have to face the music:

On a Highway

  • In case you got to have a car break down on a highway, you should make your way safely to the hard shoulder at the very first sign of breakdown.
  • Put on the hazard lights on and turn off the engine as soon as you are on the hard shoulder. Make sure you exit your vehicle via the doors at left side and move all passengers over the barrier of hard shoulder. In case its dark or the visibility is too low, you can opt to leave side lights on as well.
  • If you have a disability and can’t get out of the car, then keep your seat belt on, hazard lights on and call emergency service informing them about your condition.
  • Call your service provider or the emergency services when you are at the hard shoulder. Some highways are equipped with emergency telephone which can directly connect you to the police.
  • If you can’t get to hard shoulder then place the hazard signal, put on seat belt, call emergency services and stay in the car unless you can be 100% sure about your safety outside the vehicle.
  • Never attempt to fix your car yourself as you may end up worsening the situation. Wait for the emergency services or your break down service to approach you. On a Road
  • Pull off the road if you have had a break down. Put on the hazard lights, and use sidelights if it is dark or poor weather.
  • Maintain a distance from the vehicle and the moving traffic. Vacate the car from the left side. You can place a warning triangle forty-five meters behind your vehicle which would alert drivers that there is an obstruction ahead, and to slow down.
  • Use your mobile phone to call your breakdown services and provide them with your exact location.

Summer is the time when most car breakdown are seen. This is mostly due to overheating followed by monsoon when the vehicles usually faces emission issues or tire malfunction. To be prepared for the summers, check your coolant levels regularly during the summer months, as well as topping up your oil if necessary. You could also have your cooling system checked out by a reputable garage to make sure that it’s operating well; a faulty cooling system could make your car overheat, and even cause engine damage.

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  1. Wow! Such a priceless info you have shared here. I really feel like a child with a new toy after unearthing the blog. I would like to tell that no one never likes to deal with a vehicle breakdown. When someone is in a hurry, I think, experiencing a breakdown due to a very small thing which could have been repaired without a hitch perhaps the worth feeling for him. Well, neglecting car maintenance, skipping on time servicing, ignoring the warning signs, are some of the prominent causes of the car breakdown. Thus, one should do regular checkups with the help a car technician and service his vehicle at the recommended intervals to make sure his vehicle is in safe and trouble-free. Still, if anyone faces any kind of failure, the track the above steps to overcome the extreme situation.

  2. Janet Chua

    Car breakdown is not a new thing to happen. But when someone is in a hurry, the car break down occurs instantly ,then he may feel regretted for not repairing his car in time. In my opinion, one should regularly maintain his car & never skip any servicing, respond to warning signs to get rid of this problem. Summer is prime time for car breakdown. So to avoid overheating during summer, one should regularly check the coolant level & top up the engine oil. Still, if any one faces this problem of car breakdown then he should follow the above mentioned steps in the blog or he may need a certified car repair center. For this he may visit:

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